"  A l w a y s   g i v e   p e o p l e   m o r e   th a n  
w h a t   th e y   e x p e c t   to   g e t . "

N e l s o n   B o s w e l l


Parisian born and bred, Frida naturally had a thing for style.

A dream chaser, she moved across the Atlantic to study at NYC’s Columbia renowned University. Beginning in the media industry as an analyst, her intrigue with styling guests on sets for TV networks took over. As an assistant, she learnt the tips, tricks and touches of magic to fit clothes to clientele of all body types. With her already innate flair for style, she landed her dream job of stylist and remained in New York for nearly a decade. However, home is where the heart is so, in 2014 she returned to Paris home and heart of fashion.   There, she pursued her own fashion dreams and Altitude Paris was born.

In terms of personal style, her mood can take her from sophisticated to urban, but one thing remains, she is always chic.

"  T o   g i v e   r e a l   s e r v i c e   y o u   m u s t   a d d   s o m e t h i n g   w h i c h   c a n n o t   b e   b o u g h t   o r   m e a s u r e d
w i t h   m o n e y ,   a n d   t h a t   i s   s i n c e r i t y   a n d   i n t e g r i t y .  "
D o n   A l d e n   A d a m s


With the solemn conviction that excellent customer service should be the heart of every service, Altitude Paris is the answer to your fashion call. Pining after the latest must-have bag, a wardrobe makeover or wanting to surprise a friend or loved one with a shopping gift – Altitude Paris will help you bring that French “je ne sais quoi” home. From the opulence of Avenue Montaigne to the decadence of Rue Saint-Honoré, Altitude Paris offers unique “haut de gamme” experiences complete with itineraries in Paris to its elite travelers.

Altitude Paris currently offers seasoned shopping services, all designed to bring French flair to you directly. They are made-to-measure since there truly is no such thing as one-size fits all. Our clients entrust us to deliver a bespoke service catering to individual body-type, personal style and need.

“Frida is a true customer service passionate; nothing can go wrong while shopping with her in Paris. She made this experience the best so far and I come to Paris twice a year! I definitely recommend her services to any shopping addict or Paris Lover”
Lisa from New York, June 2016


L’ Alchemiste

This package could be for the intellectual and romantic shopaholics, offering you a first class retail therapy upgraded with the cultural extravagance of the French capital. So, after you’ve shopped to your heart’s content, satisfy your soul in the beautiful city of lights and access to the trendiest museums of Paris.
On the other hand, we could also turn it into a VIP shopping trip and choice of spa treatment, or a cooking class. Because you need a little TLC before (or after :) a hard day of shopping.
Your choice, not mine!

* 4h shopping session + activity chosen + transportation included​

Le Bonbon-Altitude

Get a taste of theindulgent side of Paris lifestyle. For those who recognize that quality beats quantity. This package includes a personalized. This "afternoon quickie" will lead us straight to the point with an already picked up wardrove to cover your trip's needs.

*4h shopping session + transportation included​


Shop. Till. You. Drop.


 *shopping session + Michelin star lunch + activity chosen - transportation included

If you really want to bring “style and Paris” back home, simply go to Frida
Sofia from UAE, May 2016



This one is The 1. Why? Because, I put myself in your shoes and set my mind on what would be my Parisian fantasy? First, Ill add extra days because it is way more than a Caprice and then within this getaway I’ll definitely fly someplace else....

Parisian break organized for you entirely by Altitude Paris. Fit for a Queen, we take care of your entire stay for you and your lucky guests from nights in a luxury hotel and VIP transfers to dinners to your liking. Personal stylist cum personal assistant. A four days experience entailing on-demand style and shopping sessions wherever we will go. We send a personal stylist to you for your private shopping service.

*A 4 days trip in Paris for up to 6 Audacieuses , 5* accommodations, dinner on me , private shopping style sessions , luxury transportations and the exquisite promise of a getaway within a getaway but shuuuut...it's a surprise​

Unless requested flight to Paris not included in the price) everything luxury​

Le Caprice

Be pampered! Be spoiled! Eat cake! If Marie-Antoinette had a personal shopper, this is the service they would offer. A weekend in Paris. A funny break for your friends and yourself why not? You deserve it don’t you?

So let’s start dreaming about this escape together and plan a luxury and bespoke trip where you will be sure to get the best stylist service among all  the finest other things to wish for

*A 2 days trip in Paris for up to 6 Capricieuses, 5* accommodations, dinner on me, private shopping style sessions, luxury transportations​

(Unless requested flight to Paris not included in the price)​

“With Frida, bespoke means bespoke! My maid of honor surprised me with L'Audacieuse Frida's getaway as my bachelorette trip and it was beyond expectations!!! Not only was I with my besties but I will remember those  4 days forever it was just surprise after surprise after surprise!! I do more than recommend this trip; I need you to take it”​
Charlotte from Los Angeles, October 2016
E n h a n c e   Y o u r   S h o p p i n g   E x p e r i e n c e  
i n  P a r i s

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